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A Definitive Guide To Purchasing Pressure Relief Mattresses in Singapore

Why You Should Get a Pressure Relief Mattress? Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, is a condition that presently affects a lot of Singaporeans. To address this condition, health experts usually recommend pressure relief mattresses, as they offer more support than regular mattresses. If you are on the market for an alternating pressure mattress in […]

Post Stroke Rehabilitation Process

What is Post Stroke Rehabilitation? Post-stroke rehabilitation is an essential part of any individual suffering from a stroke. Conclusion: there is a certain process that can help improve motor skills, thus improving quality of life.  There are many known approaches to the process of stroke rehabilitation, including home care for stroke patients in Singapore. However, […]

Principles That Guide Palliative Home Care In Singapore 

Do You Understand What Palliative Care Is? According to Singapore Management University (SMU), 53.3% of Singaporeans are comfortable discussing palliative care and end of life. Unfortunately, only about 50% of Singaporeans understand palliative care.  Palliative care provides pain relief and ensures the patient is as comfortable as possible. It is not designed to prolong or […]

What Happens When a Meniscus Injury Needs Surgery?

After the doctor has exhausted all kinds of treatment, yet you are still in excruciating pain at the knee area, the doctor may suggest that you undergo an MRI test. An MRI test is useful when an injury happens to soft tissues or affects your nervous system, and your meniscus falls into the former category. […]

Understanding Meniscus Injuries, Tears and Surgery

Our knee has its own shock absorbers and stabilisers. It is a pair of cartilage called meniscus, or in plural, menisci. The weight of our body is dispersed through this cartilage and it also prevents friction during our bodily movement. If you ask where it is in our body, it is not obvious like our […]

Meniscus Repair: How It is Done and Prevention of Meniscus Injury

Your doctor delivers you his findings based on your MRI test result. Your meniscus tear is diagnosed as Grade 3 and found to be severe. Thus, there is no chances for it to heal itself like you always heard among your friends. Luckily, it does not need total or even partial removal. Your torn meniscus […]