Solutions to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Solutions To Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You never know what has hit you with a blow unless you have to deal with serious pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder that can strike you when you least expect it, and bam you are in tremendous pain, with no workable solution on the horizon.

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Here are some ways to help you deal with the malady.
Reason and Symptoms
Find the real reason for the pain. It could just be overwork that has caused the hands to feel the pressure. The internet has vast amounts of information to help you ascertain the extent of the problem. One ready fix is to take a break from work and rest the hands. But if that is impossible, the ideal solution is to find a place that provides hand therapy treatment and sort out the issue.
Hot and Cold Treatment
Immersing the hands in water at extreme temperatures helps sooth the problem to an extent. For instance, if you dip your hands in cold water, it works as a buffer for the tendons and the nerves. The next step is to immerse the hands in warm water to soothe the frazzled bones along with the tendons and the nerve to ease the pain.
Ancient Remedies
Warm garlic oil massaged on the hands is an effective home remedy that helps patients in eliminating the problem. Garlic is a herbal remedy and has many uses right from pain relief down to dealing with cholesterol. As a way forward in dealing with carpal tunnel disorders, with the right massage strokes, it eases the pain and sorts out the problem with the nerves and the bones.
Cause and Solution
Overuse of any part of the body ultimately causes serious problems. Hand therapy treatment with the right professional helps sort the issue from the root without having to resort to surgery. Most often the best remedy for a strain on any part, primarily the hands, because they are always being used, is rest.
A professional therapist will analyze the problem and makes a note of the underlying cause. Many a time the issue could be stress related causing the individual to break out with a repetitive stress disorder because s/he cannot iron out the chinks.
Since every part of the body is interrelated right from the flow of blood, nerves, tendons, joints and other parts, when one part is bursting in pain, the rest of the body feels the effects.
In Sum
In finding a way to deal with the issue from the ground up, the person with the problem will be able to manage it once it flares up. The issue is not to be dependent on pain medication, but manage the problem, period.

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