In-Depth Knowledge About Colorectal Surgery

There are different types of colorectal surgeries happen all over the world and that are-Colectomy, Colostomy, Endoscopic Surgery, Hemorrhoidectomy, Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis (J-Pouch), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Surgery, Internal Sphincterotomy, Rectopexy, and Resection. The article will discuss about the types in detai, find out more here at Dr Mark Wong’s colorectal surgery page.


It is a resection of colon and in this process the surgeon removes the parts of large intestine. It is also done in three different ways.

  • Segmental Colectomies: In this type the surgeon does a vertical incision in the abdomen. The problematic part of the intestine that is related to bowel system is removed during the surgery.
  • Polypectomy: In this surgery the cancerous polys are removed and the entire surgery is done by a colonoscope. The devise is inserted into the abdomen during the time of surgery.
  • Total Proctocolectomy: in this surgery the entire colon is removed from the body and after that a new pouch is formed to run the bowel system.


In this type the surgeon create a hole in the patient’s abdomen to open the wall and then pills one of the ends of the colon through it. The surgery changes the procedure of excretion of waste and the body takes a little time to get used with the new change. There are two types of Colostomy surgery is performed by the doctors.

  • Temporary colostomies- It is done very rarely in some specific condition as the colon is reattach at the end of the surgery. After healing of the surgical wound a reverse procedure is performed.
  • Permanent colostomies- This one is done when the patient is suffering from chronic diseases.

Endoscopic Surgery

In this kind of surgery a pipe with a camera and light attached with it is inserted in the patient’s body. This enables the surgeon see the inside picture of the colon and by seeing the inside view the surgery is performed. In this case no major incision is done. 


In this surgery the patient is give local anesthesia and the portion around the anus is cut and to remove the hemorrhoids.

Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis

It is also known as J-pouch surgical procedure as a pouch is formed at the end of the small intestine and attaches it with the anus. This is done when the patient goes through the removal of large intestine.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Surgery

It is done when the surgeon removes the colon to cure the ulcerative colitis. It helps to reduce he colon cancer.

Internal Sphincterotomy

The surgery requires treating the tearing of the anus that is called fissures. In this case the local anesthesia is done.


In order to treat the rectal prolapse the surgery is done and it done with mild rectal issues. You need to keep in mind that this surgery does not do much betterment of your body.


This surgery is done to remove all or some parts of the organ. There are five types of  resection are done and they are Abdominoperineal (Rectal) Resection, Small Bowel Resection, Low Anterior Resection, Laparoscopic Colon Resection, and Local Full-Thickness Resection of the Rectum.