How beneficial is Hand Therapy for me and will it help with my arthritis

How beneficial is Hand Therapy for me and will it help with my arthritis?

People are often skeptical when they encounter something new. We tend to stick to our old habits and rarely venture out of our comfort zones. When it comes to our health, most people practice this skepticism and stick to their beliefs that old conventional methods are still the go-to methods for recovery and healing. Newly developed treatment plans, even when effective, do not gain much ground right away because people are afraid to try it. Hand Therapy falls under this category. While many people are familiar of physical and occupational therapy, not a lot of people know about hand therapy and how it can alleviate arthritis. This is a shame because arthritis is one of the most pervasive conditions that people all over the world suffer from. Patients can improve and manage their arthritis using hand therapy.

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The team at WebMD has written an exhaustive guide on the benefits of physical and occupational therapy which can serve as a springboard to hand therapy.

In a nutshell, hand therapy is just a very specialized form of physical/occupational therapy.

The goal of physical therapy is to get a person back to the point where he or she can perform normal, everyday activities without difficulty. Preserving good range of motion is key to maintain the ability to perform daily activities. Read more here!

When you think of hand therapy relating to physical and occupational therapy, think of them as one big family; they are all closely related to one another. Doing so could help dispel the skepticism people feel around relatively new treatment programs. We all know how beneficial physical and occupational therapy are in rehabilitating clients. Those who do not want to go the surgical route can opt for physical and occupational therapy. Your therapist will also educate you on the techniques to manage your arthritis and will also recommend assistive devices to alleviate pain. Arthritis is not the only condition that hand therapy can manage. The BIA team in their Back in Action Pain Therapy Blog explains who can benefit from hand therapy and is definitely worth checking.

Hand therapy can treat a variety of diagnoses.

Patients who are candidates for hand therapy, and commonly treated at Back in Action, may have been affected by an accident or trauma leaving them with wounds, scars, burns, injured tendons or nerves, fractures, or even amputations of the fingers, hands or arms. Read more here!

Even if you are not suffering from arthritis, you can still consult a hand therapist. Hand therapists are trained to rehabilitate clients who have problems in their fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, and arms. Sometimes, it may seem like it’s easier to have a physical and occupational therapist diagnose and treat you. What you need to remember is that you need to invest in your health by choosing a hand therapist instead. The trade-off is huge. On one hand, you can probably get a general diagnosis and the treatment may work. On the other, the diagnosis and the treatment plan can be wrong so your symptoms gradually go worse. You will end up spending more money and waste your time. While physical and occupational therapists can attend to the needs of clients who suffer from arthritis and joint pain, there are specific benefits when a hand therapist handles a client’s case. Here is an article from Rue and Primavera that highlights how hand therapy is beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

Hand therapy can help manage arthritis.

Arthritis and joint pain affects millions of people around the world. In the U.S. alone, more than 52.5 million adults report having doctor-diagnosed arthritis, and it is estimated that by the year 2040, about 78 million adults will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Read more here!

The statistics for arthritis are jarring. Not only are there a lot of people suffering from this disease worldwide but also its toll on the economic and social aspects of the world are extremely high. It is a condition that needs to be addressed by the right scientific methods. Hand therapy steps in to resolve that problem. Its results in treating and rehabilitating arthritis are commendable. Hand therapists do this without resorting to invasive treatments. They are also in the unique position of providing preventative care, so clients get the help that they need even before the onset of the condition.

In conclusion, clients who are hesitant to avail of the services of a hand therapist should think of it as a trusted science much like physical and occupational therapy. Hand therapists can treat different diagnoses and can provide you with the most conservative and non-invasive rehabilitation plan. Hand therapy is also very effective in treating arthritis. So, if you are a patient suffering from arthritis or you suspect that you might develop it, you need to visit a hand therapist near you.

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