What Should I Look For in a GP Clinic In Singapore?

 If you are planning on moving to Singapore, whether you will be here for a short time or for the foreseeable future, it is a wise decision to find a GP clinic that you can rely on. General practitioners can help treat chronic or acute illnesses as well as provide preventative care and help dispense much-needed advise to help keep you and your family healthy. It is important to select a GP clinic that you trust and that will provide you the highest quality of care possible. One recommendation is Acumed Medical GP Clinics that are located in various location in Singapore.

What should I look for in a general practitioner clinic?

If your family is looking for a general practitioner in Singapore, there are several factors that will likely influence your decision. Most people want to find a clinic with a reputable medical staff that will provide them with excellent care and careful attention. You don’t want a clinic that pushes an internal agenda that does not match your needs, or a clinic that routinely recommends unnecessary treatments. Instead, you need to find a clinic that focuses on the needs of their patients and will recommend a course of treatment that fits your needs.

When you trust a GP with your health, it is important to research their credentials and learn about the clinic’s resources. Read online reviews from previous patients, and determine for yourself if a clinic’s reputation is worthy of a consideration. General practice requires patience and skill to provide excellent care, and patients deserve to feel confident in their doctor’s diagnosis. How many previous patients have trusted this clinic with their healthcare needs? What are the doctor’s qualifications and credentials? It is important to find an experienced doctor who is capable of providing you and your family with a healthy future.

Patients are likely to continue to suffer if a doctor makes a mistake with their diagnosis. You want to find a thorough and experienced doctor to ensure that your family’s ailments are properly identified, and to ensure that no one endures discomfort from a misdiagnosis. General practitioners sometimes recommend follow-up appointments or extended care, and having a thorough check-up can prevent unnecessary and costly treatment plans that don’t work. The best doctors are alert, pay attention to minor details, and will ask several questions to identify the underlying health issue.

The Cost of Treatment

When it comes to your health, cost should be a secondary consideration, behind receiving the proper treatment. Your health is important and it’s hard to put a price on your quality of life, but the reality is that budget is a concern for most people. The best solution is to find a clinic that offers reasonable rates for their services. Most clinics in Singapore offer health packages that can help you stay healthy at an affordable rate. In the end, your family’s health and happiness come first. You want to find a clinic where the general practitioners genuinely care about their patients. The ideal clinic offers excellent healthcare, a friendly staff, and an affordable price.

General practitioners offer more than just treatments for illness, they offer a wealth of information about the human body and personal wellness. They are an invaluable resource for education, treatment, and overall wellness for you and your family. By selecting the right GP clinic in Singapore for your family, you can rest assured that you will receive the proper care for any illnesses or conditions that may arise in the future, and you have a medical expert you can turn to for advise on general health and wellness questions.

Preparing for Your Family’s Healthcare

One of the most important things that every family and every person must prepare for and take care of is their health. Every family must have a certain budget or savings for health care because we are uncertain of what will happen in the future. We must be prepared in case of emergencies. It is always better to have some savings kept aside for important matters like this. However, it will not be that easy because it requires a certain amount of money and certain decisions must also be made.

If we have problems with saving, Joanne Poh will give us four tips for saving on healthcare in Singapore.

4 Tips for Saving on Healthcare in Singapore

It’s better to be sick and rich than sick and poor, especially in Singapore. With the very real possibility of having to use all my retirement money on healthcare someday, each time I fall sick I panic and try to find the cheapest possible way to cure myself. This has led to some bizarre experiments involving lots of garlic.

While I wouldn’t really recommend you try to diagnose all your health issues on webmd.com or concoct your own medicines with the internet as your guide, you are probably spending more on healthcare than you have to. Here are four ways regular people in Singapore can save on their healthcare costs. Read more here.

True! If we are on a tight budget, we should really think about doing the tips given above. We should be wise especially in considering the precautions given by doctors. We should also maximize the benefits of our insurance companies because we paid for them. Also, we should take advantage of free checkups and consultations because they can really help. However, one thing that we should also consider is choosing the right doctor or general practitioner for our health needs.

Karina Bray

Your guide to choosing a good GP

A good GP can be one of the most important people in your life, particularly if you have a chronic condition or develop a serious illness. A positive ongoing relationship with your GP is priceless, so it’s important to choose the right one.

The best doctors do more than just diagnose – they co-ordinate your complete healthcare, sending you for the right tests and to the right specialists. They’ll help you stay healthier and limit unnecessary hospital visits.

Shopping around

If your current doctor isn’t up to scratch, or you’re moving house, now’s the time to shop around.

To find a new GP you can:

  • ask your current doctor for advice
  • ask your family, friends and neighbours for recommendations
  • ask a local pharmacist or other medical professionals who have dealings with doctors in the area. Read more here.

Choosing the right general practitioner is really important because health is an important matter. There are many factors to consider like the availability, accreditation, billing rates, specialties, and the location of course. We should really have a good knowledge of the doctors you are choosing. If you have trouble finding a general practitioner near you, Sing Health will help you. Check it out below.

Find a General Practitioner near You

General Practitioners (GPs) and Family Clinics are an important backbone of the healthcare industry. SingHealth works collaboratively with GPs to help ensure optimal care for all our patients.

Please find the list of GP/Family clinics in your area for your easy reference.

SingHealth maintains a list of the GP/Family clinics in Singapore for your convenience. The list is non-exhaustive and the information provided is correct as of date of publish and may be subject to change at the discretion of the clinics without notice. Users are advised to verify details and operating hours with the clinics. Should you be aware of any updates, we would greatly appreciate if you could also inform us at gpep@singhealth.com.sg. Thank you.

** Please note that clinics listed are privately operated practices and are neither owned nor managed by SingHealth. For enquiries and feedback, please do contact the respective clinics directly for further assistance. Read more here.

That is helpful in finding a general practitioner near your area. It will now be easier for you to locate one. The things mentioned above are really important things that we should take into consideration. Remember that we are dealing with our health that is why we should not hesitate in doing the right things. We should consider our budget, grab opportunities that you think would help a lot, but we should not forget the importance the importance of choosing the right doctor or general practitioner.

Know the Worst Things That Can Happen If You Choose a Wrong Healthcare Provider

As far as healthcare is concerned, when you focus more on the cost factor, quality may become a handicap. This does not mean that only those providers and facilities that levy huge charges alone can make available high-quality treatment and care to their patients. On the contrary, it is meant that a facility or a provider that charges heavily may have put in place the latest equipment and may have very a good infrastructure that includes good laboratories and may also have the services of highly competent physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals. This means that chances of you getting quality care are reasonably high in such facilities.

It is true that the number of facilities or providers has been increasing at a rapid pace. So, you may not only get tired but may find that the task of making your choice bewildering. Therefore, you may think that the task is much more complicated than you expect. But your notion is wrong. If you follow a few simple steps, you can complete the task easily and choose the right provider or facility. In fact, if you know the worst things that can happen if you choose a wrong facility or provider, you will meticulously follow these steps. But what are the worst things that may happen due to a wrong choice? Let us find out.

1. If you choose a wrong provider or facility, you will not get the right treatment. The physicians or surgeons of the facility may make a wrong diagnosis and so, they may prescribe or administer wrong medicines. This will rob your finances. Not only that, the wrong drugs that are administered may harm your health and may cause unexpected complications. You may therefore be forced to spend for treating these new and unwanted complications. In other words, the double whammy of not getting the right treatment as well as facing the onslaught of the unwanted complications may be worse than the health issues from which you are already suffering. Added to this is the unnecessary expenditure you have to make.

2. Another bitter truth is that when the process of making the wrong diagnosis and giving the wrong treatment is moving at a brisk pace, your health may keep deteriorating, thanks to the “theory of gradualism.” We have heard of instances of patients succumbing to wrong treatments or to delays in getting the right treatment.

3. The insane move of looking at the cost factor alone is fraught with another danger as well. The danger is that you may be increasing the chances of making a wrong choice. When the treatment given by the provider or facility you have chosen is wrong, your body may get attuned to that wrong treatment. Remember that the human body can be compared to a strange machine. Once it gets attuned to a certain behavior, it takes time to get back to its normal mode. So, even if the facility or provider realizes the mistake of giving the wrong treatment and starts offering the right treatment, the patients’ body may take more time to absorb the new and right medicines. This is because it has to nullify the effects of the wrong medicines that have already been administered.

These are brutally harsh facts and hence, you cannot afford to brush them aside. If you have a tendency to get enticed by the size of the facilities, you should remember the fact that some of the big facilities may be “clumsy giants” as an expert calls them. Apart from charging heavily, they may not care to provide you with the right treatment.  One recommended health care provider in Singapore that you can consider and have good facilities and good service is Acumed Singapore.

In summation, you are advised to do a proper research and choose the right healthcare provider or facility so you can escape from the worst things that may happen in the event of you making a wrong choice.

The best way is to stick to a reliable family doctor singapore once you have had a few good experiences with them.

Emails and Cyber security

Free email accounts provided by services like Google, Yahoo, Rediffmail or Hotmail are very useful for correspondences. They have the largest number of users around the world. Not only do these free email providers make sharing of emails easier but they also provide additional features such as sharing anything in the form of attachments, more storage space, spam filtering and protection from certain kinds of viruses.

Because these are free accounts, online cyber security in Singapore is not guaranteed at all times. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while downloading, opening or sharing emails and attachments.

Verify source – Always check the source of the mail. If the sender’s address is not familiar or trustworthy, it is best not to open that attachment. Spam emails or Spoof emails should at best be deleted without opening. If the email looks suspicious do not open it at any cost.

Keep software updated – Use reliable anti-virus software, malwares, and spywares on your computer. Update these continuously so that the protection provided by them is always up to date. Activate firewalls to get internet protection. Enable the option of automatically updating these anti-viruses on your operating system.

Cancel automatic downloads – Many email providers provide their users with the option of automatically downloading email attachments. If possible turn off this option. This would prevent viruses from affecting your computer.

Save and Scan – Always scan any kind of an attachment before opening or downloading it on to your computer. Scan the file using your computer’s own anti-virus software. Remove any viruses detected and then open the attachment.

Use separate accounts – It is advisable to have separate accounts for different purposes. Have an account for exchanging business emails and another for exchanging correspondences with your family and friends. Because business emails are sent by outsiders and from different service providers, they are more likely to have viruses that can affect your computer.

Use additional security – An effective way of maintaining email security is using certain filters and marking certain unwanted emails as ‘spam’. Block certain addresses to reduce spam emails. The spam tagging feature helps the user to review suspected emails before deleting them. Once marked as spam, those emails will not be delivered to your account as primary mail.

Be careful – Lastly, be a careful and considerate user. Do not share your details (password, email id) with anyone and everyone. Also do not share suspicious emails.

Advanced Excel – Linking, Moving / Copying and Protecting Spreadsheets

If you have a workbook with multiple spreadsheets; linking, moving or copying spreadsheets is very useful.

Linking spreadsheets helps you to access and reference data contained elsewhere in a workbook. For example, there is a spreadsheet with the data of the quarterly expenditures of your department and another spreadsheet with the total expenditures of your department. If these two spreadsheets are linked, updating the data on any one would automatically update the other one.

* Open the two spreadsheets. Select the cells in the source location (one with the quarterly expenditures) that has to be linked with the target spreadsheet (one with the total expenditure).

* Right click on the selected cells. Click Copy on the menu that appears.

* Go to the target location and select the cells where the source data has to be pasted.

* Right click on the selected cells. Click on the Paste Link icon.

Now, whenever the source data is updated the target location will automatically get updated.

Moving or Copying spreadsheets in a workbook is possible.

* On the bottom of the spreadsheet, right click the spreadsheet tab you want to move.

* On the menu that appears, click on Move or Copy.

* Go to Before Sheet on the Move or Copy window that appears. Select where you want to move the currently selected spreadsheet. Then click OK. The spreadsheet will now be placed before the selected position.

* If you want to copy the selected spreadsheet to a different location, click on the Create a Copy checkbox under Before Sheet in the Move or Copy window. Click OK. A copy of the spreadsheet is now available in the desired location.

Protecting spreadsheets is done by locking them.

* Go to Review and click on Protect Sheet. On the Protect Sheet window select Protect worksheet and contents of locked cell.

* Enter a chosen password. Click OK.

Spreadsheets can be partially protected as well, i.e. it allows others to make certain edits to certain cells.

* Select the cells you want other users to edit and Right click on them.

* Click on Format Cells … on the menu that appears.

* Click on Protection on the window that appears.

* Uncheck the Locked checkbox. Click OK.

* Now lock the spreadsheet following the Protecting spreadsheets guide.

* Check Select unlocked cells. Click OK. Only the unlocked cells can now be edited.

You can learn this and a lot more if you enroll yourself in a Microsoft Excel training course.